We are a self pay clinic, therefore out-of-network. For patients with out-of-network Chiropractic and Physical Therapy insurance coverage, you may be eligible for reimbursement for the services you receive in the clinic. Please also note we accept Medical Reimbursement Accounts (MRA), flexible spending account (FSA) and health savings account (HSA) as methods of payment.

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Prior patients of practitioners will not be considered new patients, so your intial visit will be at the re-exam pricing


Discount packages

Our tier system allows flexiblity when choosing your services. Choose the service you need (chiro, PT or combo) and the number of visits. This process is guided by your practitioner and based off their clinical recommendations. If you are Tier 3 or 4 you will receive a massage on us!

Tier 1: $570 Tier 2: $1,120 Tier 3: $1,800 Tier 4: $2,650
Physical Therapy (40 min) 4 visits 8 visits 13 visits 20 visits
Chiropractic (20 min) 6 visits 12 visits 20 visits 0
Combo (20 minutes with Chiro / 40 minutes with PT) 0 5 visits 8 visits 12 visits
Included (free services) 0 0 30 min massage 1 hr massage

À la carte


A licensed healthcare professional focused on the diagnosis and treatment of neuromuscular disorders, with an emphasis on treatment through manual adjustment and/or manipulation of the spine and extremities. They look at the body as an interconnected system, not in isolation. Their focus is on improving joint mechanics and mobility.

Techniques used: Graston Technique®, Myofascial release, Cupping/Myofascial Decommpression, Rocktape, Spinal traction, Chiropractic spinal and extremity manipulation, Therapuetic/Corrective exercises, Marc Pro, FMS and SFMA screenings.

Initial Exam 60 minutes $200 (normally $250)
Re-Exam / Complicated Case 40 minutes $150
Follow Up 20 minutes $100
Combination 40 minutes with PT / 20 minutes with Chiro $250

Physical Therapy

A licensed healthcare professional focusing on optimizing one’s movement by correcting or improving movement patterns. This is achieved with manual work but mostly active care. It is a team approach with the patient.

Techniques used: Graston Technique®, Myofascial release, Cupping/Myofascial Decommpression, Rocktape, McConnell Taping, Spinal traction, Therapuetic/Corrective exercises, FMS and SFMA screenings, Barbell rehab.

Initial 60 minutes $200 (normally $250)
Follow Up / Re-Exam 40 minutes $150
Combination 40 minutes with PT / 20 minutes with Chiro $250


A licensed professional specializing in the use of various manual techniques to loosen and relax soft tissue. Can be used for relaxation, or in a medical/therapeutic setting, to help with muscle tightness and restricted movement. NEW: Offering CBD add-on to any massage for an additional $25. For information on how CBD works click HERE

Therapeutic Sports Massage: Regular 60 minutes $150
Therapeutic Sports Massgae: Extended 90 minutes $175
Therapeutic Sports Massge: Ultra 120 minutes $240


A licensed professional specializing in the prescription of exercises, either for general health or for reaching sports specific goals, like building strength, speed, power, or agility.

Single training session 60 minutes $125
10 pack training session 60 minutes $1150

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