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Motus Clinic:

The Founder

It's hard to talk about Motus without talking about our founder, Dr. Lindsay Stephens. Being a dedicated mover in dance as well as an Air Force brat, she grew up with an appreciation for discipline, hard work, and the human body's capacity.

Early notions of achievement and fulfillment shaped her both personally and professionally. For Lindsay, choosing chiropractic as her lifelong career was a no-brainer. This was especially true after a powerful near-death experience with her mother.

During her rare and coveted internship at the President's Hospital in MD, Dr. Stephens accumulated more than 1000 hours of training in neurology, orthopedics, pain management, OB/GYN, and physical therapy. Not only did she build a diverse foundation of knowledge, she also cultivated an authentic understanding of what it means to help people. Her trajectory as a provider shifted dramatically after working with one specific patient, an experience that planted the first seedlings of Motus:

He was a marine officer returning from multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan during the peak years of the Iraq war. Suffering from persistent severe back pain for over a year, he had attempted numerous types of treatment as well as exhausted all of the diagnostic testing available to him with no success.

After two sessions with him, it was clear that chiropractic care was not what he needed. Rather than dismissing him we dug deeper to discover that he was suffering from PTSD, which was significantly affecting his sleep. Despite knowing this was a potential issue, he was fearful of addressing it; all prior providers’ solutions were medication-based, and this approach had yet to yield any meaningful results. After an authentic heart-to-heart conversation, he agreed to move into a new support group more suited for his level of combat. Within a week of switching, he was sleeping six hours a night (more than double his prior) and his back pain had all but gone! This experience is engraved into my mind and heart. I will never forget the feeling of actually seeing and hearing this soldier, and my joy at being able to support him in–finally–getting his life back. I was forever changed by this experience and continuously bring this level of care to each one of my patients. No one should ever be pushed aside or forgotten as this man had been.

- Dr. Stephens

This experience taught Lindsay two vital lessons that forever changed her approach as a provider:

Always take time to listen and understand your patient; never assume.

Not everything is purely physical; pain doesn’t always = physical injury.

This experience cemented her belief that a strong need existed for a caring, patient-centered, integrated healthcare approach. Not long after, Lindsay began to pursue her dream of opening Motus, where she now delivers the kind of care that she truly believes in. Motus started with a tiny seedling of delivering insurance-free integrated physical healthcare for the mind and body. It has evolved into a center for those looking to permanently improve themselves and their lives.



We believe in delivering care that takes into consideration the most elemental meaning of what it is to care for another’s health and wellbeing. This holistic viewing lens is centered around a biopsychosocial model that looks at the interconnection between our physical, mental, social, and spiritual selves. Each service at Motus is curated to provide holistic mapping, enabling better and more achievable treatment plans that ultimately result in improved patient outcomes. From a unique, mindful approach during one-on-one sessions, to the structure of our movement classes, we have thought of each point of interaction as an opportunity to serve you on your journey to Wellfulness.

We believe in preventative healthcare that starts with the patient; pain management is never our sole focus. We know that not all injuries are the same and we have built our system to be flexible, allowing you to enter at any stage of care. So whether you are looking to improve your posture, end chronic pain, or enhance your running performance, we can help.

Our methods are transparent and dedicated to your health literacy and putting you back in the driver’s seat. Motus’ vision is compassionate, integrated, and offers leading-edge care–personalized to the unique needs of every patient.

Concepts and methodology

Motus’ Journey to Wellfulness Care

Wellfulness' refers to the balanced and centered state of being–physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, and spiritually. There is no one-size-fits-all “wellness” when it comes to the health of our bodies and minds.

Systematic Approach and Unique Methodology

After years of experience and trial-and-error, we have created a profoundly unique method of care customizable to each individual. Truly patient-centered care combines with our novel methodology to help patients work through (not around) injuries, achieve unparalleled athletic performance, and finally meet their health and fitness goals. As you progress, so does your treatment plan; we continually assess patient growth at every stage to ensure that our care is always meeting you where you are and propelling you in the direction you want to go.

Motus Stages of Care

Awareness + Assessment

In this stage, we are focused on rebuilding neural connections within your body and understanding the why behind your pain or limitations.

Why do I feel this, what are the contributing factors, and how can I affect change?

We will teach self-care strategies, and set the foundation for learning functional movement.

The main focus is pain management.

Movement skill + Control

We shift focus here to learning high-quality complex foundational movements.

How do you move in your day-to-day routine as well as in sports?

Learn and understand the foundational movements needed to meet your goals.

The main focus is eliminating habits that don’t serve you anymore and resetting your movement to firmly establish basic function, thereby laying the groundwork for strength building.

Building Strength

We begin to load and challenge your body through movement to increase your strength and grow your resilience.

Do I have the ability to do "x"?

Here you are familiarizing yourself with the amazing capacity of your body and mind by tapping into your physical strength, thus shattering misconceptions about your limitations.

The main focus is on maximizing your confidence in your own abilities. This prepares you for more intense demands on your body and mind.

Performance + Maintenance

Finally, if desired, we can play with explosive agility work and other fitness-specific needs for sport or adventure.

Do you have any additional unmet or new goals, or any specific performance concerns?

We can also implement a maintenance plan that suits your needs.

In this stage the goal is totally unrestricted return to sport or active lifestyle, integrating all the knowledge and strength you’ve built in the prior stages.

Discover what serves you.

What are the habits leading you to an unknown and undesired destination?Every habit or routine–every meal, every workout, every person we spend time with, every place we spend time in–has an impact on our energy. Some effects will be easy to spot and others will take years to be revealed. That's what Wellfulness has the power to do–help you become aware of and find freedom from the conditioning and habits that do not serve you.

The question, “What is it that serves me?” is something we all need to reflect on periodically. When you find the practices that truly work for you, you can sit with this question and know that your self-discovery work will enable you to discover your most authentic truth.

Finding Alignment in Body, Heart and Mind

The wheels of Wellfulness:

Motus Team

We are a team of health practitioners focusing on full body health and wellness. Our breadth of knowledge extends from our experiences in and with: hospitals, competitive sports, professional athletes, and strength/conditioning coaching. We are laser-focused on long-term results and care that works. Patients and athletes come to us because we take a systematic, collaborative approach that solves problems others can’t.

Annabelle Oswald

Annabelle Oswald

Yoga + movement teacher

Anne Martin

Anne Martin

Yoga + Pilates Teacher

Dr. Lindsay Stephens

Dr. Lindsay Stephens

Founder & CEO

Joanna Solano

Joanna Solano

Operations Manager

Salvatore Flores

Salvatore Flores

Movement Coach & Lead Massage Therapist

Aaron Robitsch

Aaron Robitsch

Massage Therapist

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