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Our #1 goal is to create better, stronger, more knowledgeable movers.

The Motus Way:

Why Motus On Demand?

We realize everyone’s schedule is different. Whether you’re going to the gym or working out at home, trying to fit it all in with a busy schedule can be a challenging balancing act. Not to mention the decision fatigue: with all the options available these days, what type of activity should you do? How and where do you start? Are you learning from true experts? What if you don’t have access to quality resources for answers to your questions?

Motus on Demand platform is designed for individuals tired of working out because they “should.'' It's for anyone looking to take ownership in the learning process and do something purposeful and enriching that ultimately delivers lasting results.

Trendy, fast fitness workouts are designed for quick results. These fitness fads rarely result in meaningful health improvements and often increase risk of injury. When it comes to long-term health and wellness, the focus should be on moving with strength, awareness, and skill.

We offer such a program: a movement education platform that will teach and empower you to move better so you feel better–always with your long-term health in mind. The Motus on Demand platform consists of live and recorded classes, guided programs, and a supportive community created and led by expert providers and athletes.

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We level you up in 4 stages:

Understand how to observe and interpret your body’s needs.

Develop quality motor control, and establish key foundational movements necessary for everyday life and sport.

Incrementally increase your strength, skill, and resilience in these foundational movements.

Integrate what you’ve learned, and adapt your knowledge further in sport performance and recreational activities–the FUN stuff!

What we do for you:

A majority of our classes are 45-60 min to ensure that you get the best results, each one incorporating a warm-up, workout, and cool-down. We also offer a shorter “Just Move” series, built to keep you consistent and encourage regular movement practice even when your time is short.

We also incorporate mindful movement practices for long-term health benefits, ensuring low risk of injury from acute overtraining.

While your fitness will undoubtedly improve, it’s not the only benefit you’ll receive from our programming; we’re always looking at the bigger picture when it comes to your wellbeing.

Every class focuses on a specific movement goal (breaking down and working on how to deadlift with skill and strength, for example).

We focus on progression through repetition of key concepts, which also allows you to easily watch and feel your development.

Motus on Demand accounts for those with restrictions and pain in order to make the program as accessible as possible for everyone at every stage of fitness. (Note: this may not be appropriate for those with acute pain or severely limited range of motion. If you’re in this category, we recommend you begin here.)

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Motus Team

We are a team of health practitioners focusing on full body health and wellness. Our breadth of knowledge extends from our experiences in and with: hospitals, competitive sports, professional athletes, and strength/conditioning coaching. We are laser-focused on long-term results and care that works. Patients and athletes come to us because we take a systematic, collaborative approach that solves problems others can’t.

Dr. Lindsay Stephens

Dr. Lindsay Stephens

Founder & CEO

Anne Martin

Anne Martin

Yoga + Pilates Teacher

Salvatore Flores

Salvatore Flores

Movement Coach & Lead Massage Therapist

Fullness in Wellfulness, Fostering the Essentials in Integrated Physical Health

Make a lifetime commitment to yourself to focus on the outcomes that matter and bring immediate value into your life. What do you have to gain? Strength in motion, lower risk of injury, increased vitality, greater capacity for movement throughout your lifespan, and more! 

Motus On Demand is designed to help you become more successful physically and mentally. A shift in focus and motivation is THE KEY to changing your outcomes; this shift happens naturally when you’re empowered to connect with yourself.

Watching the way these guys all work together is encouraging and honestly, I want to be friends with all of them. Couldn't speak more highly of the girls (and boys) at Motus!

Leyna Swoboda

The team at Motus took the time to establish a strong, trusting relationship, and gave me confidence that I would get the care and attention I needed. Their work has solved the knee injuries that plagued me for years, and has also given me the tools and knowledge to stay healthy going forward.

Carlin Eng

YOU will benefit you no matter what your current experience level is. Whether you're a total beginner who is living a sedentary lifestyle or an advanced practitioner in fantastic shape with the strength of an ox - these classes will challenge and improve your flexibility, strength, and balance. The Instruction increases your body awareness, you don't have to think about anything else but your breathing, and moving in the way they tell you to. The poses gradually become more difficult as the class progresses. I would 100% recommend Motus Rehab Clinic to anyone looking for classes.

Caitlyn Slavich

The Motus team is wonderful and phenomenal at what they do. They care deeply about their patients. I finally recruited my husband after they expanded their offerings to include yoga. You will see results working with them.

Jennifer Jew

Let's Start!

Motus On Demand- $115 (monthly)*

Join our community of movers and optimize your health whenever, wherever. Get access to our thoughtful, intentional, science-backed movement education, guided movement programs, live classes, community forum, and monthly Q&A sessions with our team.

56 recorded classes

8 training programs

6 live classes per week

1 Monthly Q&A

*Minimum 3 month commitment.

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