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Combining yoga + rehab + strength + fitness principles, the classes are built to educate you while building better body awareness, control, strength, and ultimately in improved physical and mental resiliency.

What are you
looking for?


Combining yoga + rehab + strength + fitness principles, our educational classes are built to improve your physical and mental resilience while enabling you to increase your awareness, strength, and control.

Physical Rehab

We combine chiropractic philosophy with an in-depth knowledge of physical therapy and strength-training rehab.


With thought and care, this work is designed to target the problematic physical areas of the body that are limiting an individual's performance.

Fullness in Wellfulness, fostering the essentials in Integrated Physical Health

Our unique approach and methodology of care allow us to affect long-term and meaningful results. The clinic encompasses medical and therapeutic disciplines that, at their core, are developed and centered around the patient and their goals. These services are curated with a strong emphasis on building patients' health literacy in all facets—physically, mentally, socially, and spiritually.

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Our personalized approach to health focuses on:

Blending disciplines and services to bridge existing gaps in care.

Reinforcing physical and mental resilience.

Optimizing patient independence and health literacy through guidance and education.

A long-term perspective focused on strategic prevention.

Delivering clear and adaptable treatment plans,
meeting each patient's needs

Above all, patience and perseverance

I would highly recommend Dr. Stephens and the Motus Clinic team. Professional, knowledgeable, a great facility in SF!

Bret Conway

The team at Motus took the time to establish a strong, trusting relationship, and gave me confidence that I would get the care and attention I needed. Their work has solved the knee injuries that plagued me for years, and has also given me the tools and knowledge to stay healthy going forward.

Carlin Eng

The Motus crew have seriously been life changing for my husband- they are the only practice that has been able to effectively address his numerous sports injuries, major back issues, crazy tight muscles etc. and helped him regain a good quality of life. They have helped my acute issues as well- I walked (shuffled?) in almost totally immobile after throwing my back out and left being able to touch my toes- no exaggeration. its like no other experience either of us have ever had- and we've had a lot. Appointments are ~45min, include adjustments, soft tissue work and recommended exercises. I am so grateful.

Kate van Ravenhorst

Like me, you may have been to a “top rated” physical therapist who spent the better part telling you to repeat bodyweight squats as they double booked sessions, always rushing you to ice and stim. For months I saw no improvement and finally gave up on physical therapy. One day I came across Motus Rehab and began to read reviews. I noticed consistent patterns with patients mentioning “they are actual doctors” who “know what they are talking about.” During my first session, they spent the better part of an hour breaking down my entire injury and helping me it. They put me on a regimented plan and within 8 weeks I am back on the court. I cannot recommend Motus enough.

Nick Sturm

Lindsay, Jo & all the folks at Motus are beyond incredible and I basically owe the fact that I can play with my 3-year-old to them.

Thomas Hemwood

Better treatments  Better outcomes

Pain management is never our sole focus when delivering care; we believe in long-term preventative care that starts with understanding each patient's goals and mindset. There are no quick fixes, and each person requires different layers of support depending on their intentions. With this knowledge, we have developed a foundation that allows us to help people at all stages of care. Post-op, weekend warrior, couch potato, or improving your athletic performance—whatever it is, we can help!

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What we treat




Joint & ligament disorders

Discogenic pain

Nerve pain


Back pain

Extremity pain

Rib/breathing pain






Poor posture

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