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Our approach is different because has to be.

The Motus way:

Why Our Membership?

Motus started with a simple aim: provide care that effectively meets patients’ needs and goals. Our journey over the past several years has led us to refine our approach to delivering care–not just as providers but also as a business. We’ve discovered that our company structure has a tremendous impact on how we guide patients through treatment. We’ve also recognized the need for more comprehensive services that consistently address both the gaps in care as well as the decision fatigue that patients all too often experience. From this place of reflection, the Motus Wellfulness membership was born! This one-year commitment to your personal health and wellness  gives you full access to every supportive service Motus offers, and is customizable to your needs and goals.

Care: Use any of our one-on-one services to continuously guide you on your health and wellness journey.

Classes: Access high-quality classes and education designed with you in mind to stay active and keep progressing.

Community: Connect with others for accountability and inspiration on your health journey.

Other perks: Tap into virtual and in-person services, gym access, monthly newsletters, Q&A sessions, events, and event and merchandise discounts.

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Our approach is different.
You won't find this anywhere else.


Combining yoga + rehab + strength + fitness principles, our educational classes are built to improve your physical and mental resilience while enabling you to increase your awareness, strength, and control.

Physical Rehab

We combine chiropractic philosophy with an in-depth knowledge of physical therapy and strength-training rehab.


With thought and care, this work is designed to target the problematic physical areas of the body that are limiting an individual's performance.

Concepts and methodology.

Motus’ Journey to Wellfulness Care

'Wellfulness' refers to the balanced and centered state of being–physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, and spiritually. There is no one-size-fits-all “wellness” when it comes to the health of our bodies and minds.

Systematic Approach and Unique Methodology

After years of experience and trial-and-error, we have created a profoundly unique method of care customizable to each individual. Truly patient-centered care combines with our novel methodology to help patients work through (not around) injuries, achieve unparalleled athletic performance, and finally meet their health and fitness goals. As you progress, so does your treatment plan; we continually assess patient growth at every stage to ensure that our care is always meeting you where you are and propelling you in the direction you want to go.

Motus Stages of Care

Awareness + Assessment

In this stage, we are focused on rebuilding neural connections within your body and understanding the why behind your pain or limitations.

Why do I feel this, what are the contributing factors, and how can I affect change?

We will teach self-care strategies, and set the foundation for learning functional movement.

The main focus is pain management.

Movement skill + Control

We shift focus here to learning high-quality complex foundational movements.

How do you move in your day-to-day routine and with sport?

Learn and understand the foundational movements needed to meet your goals.

The main focus is eliminating habits that don’t serve you anymore and resetting your movement to firmly establish basic function, thereby laying the groundwork for strength building.

Building Strength

We begin to load and challenge your body through movement to increase your strength and grow your resilience.

Do I have the ability to do "x"?

Here you are familiarizing yourself with the amazing capacity of your body and mind by tapping into your physical strength, thus shattering misconceptions about your limitations.

The main focus is on maximizing your confidence in your own abilities. This prepares you for more intense demands on your body and mind.

Performance + Maintance

Finally, if desired, we can play with explosive agility work and other fitness-specific needs for sport or adventure.

Do you have any additional unmet or new goals, or any specific performance concerns?

We can also implement a maintenance plan that suits your needs.

In this stage the goal is totally unrestricted return to sport or active lifestyle, integrating all the knowledge and strength you’ve built in the prior stages.

Discover what serves you.

What are the habits leading you to an unknown and undesired destination?Every habit or routine–every meal, every workout, every person we spend time with, every place we spend time in–has an impact on our energy. Some effects will be easy to spot and others will take years to be revealed. That's what Wellfulness has the power to do–help you become aware of and find freedom from the conditioning and habits that do not serve you.

The question, “What is it that serves me?” is something we all need to reflect on periodically. When you find the practices that truly work for you, you can sit with this question and know that your self-discovery work will enable you to discover your most authentic truth.

Finding Aligment in Body, Heart and Mind

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